Learn Spanish Get Laid

Do you want to learn Spanish? Are you tired of trying Spanish courses that don’t work?  Do you want to learn Spanish to help you meet and hook up with girls? “Learn Spanish Get Laid” is a fun and memorable way to help you easily learn basic Spanish.

*** 4 new chapters added ***

  • No grammar, just start talking
  • Instant MP3 download
  • Combines the most common Spanish words to get you speaking immediately
  • Because the course is about hooking up with girls it’s memorable and fun
  • Compiled from research asking Latin girls what they like to hear from a man.

For only $19.99 you will get 16 MP3 instantly downloadable chapters that jump right into talking to girls and having sex.

This course is not about learning grammar, or learning material that you would not use every day. This basic MP3 Spanish language course combines common Spanish words in various different sentences and sex phrases that will help you quickly and easily hook up with Latin girls or learn basic Spanish.

Learn Spanish Get Laid, gets you talking immediately.

Learn Spanish Get Laid will teach you the most important things to say to hook up and learn basic Spanish. Topics include: talking to Latin girls at bars, how to speak with taxi drivers to get you to the best locations to meet girls and have sex, how to invite girls back to your room, how to make a girl feel beautiful, and more.

Billed to your Credit Card as Digital Learning Systems

Download Now for
Only $19.99

Here’s what you get:

  1. In the Taxi (getting to the girls)
  2. In the Bar part 1- (talking to girls)
  3. In the Bar-part 2 (simple phrases)
  4. Talking price (negotiating the price you want, for anything!)
  5. Spanish pick up lines and sexual phrases
  6. The numbers
  7. Asking for a date part 1
  8. Asking for a date part 2 (place to meet)
  9. Asking for a date part 3 (important phrases)
  10. Telling time
  11. At the Gentleman’s Club
  12. In the Bedroom (down and dirty Spanish sex phrases)
  13. In the bedroom dialogue part 1 (Telling her she’s sexy)
  14. In the bedroom dialogue part 2 (Talking about her beautiful body)
  15. In the bedroom dialogue part 3 (pleasing her/oral sex)
  16. In the bedroom dialogue part 4 (receiving oral sex and more)

Over two & 1/2 hours of audio instruction!

Here’s what our happy customers have to say:

” I believe my first wife will be a Latin girl and for now I’m having sex with my Mexican girl friend and it’s great. It helped me to meet many Latin girls with success.”

Angelo, San Diego, California

“My favorite part was the Spanish sex phrases, I’m planning a trip to panama and I can’t wait to try it when I get there.”

Stephen, Quebec, Canada.

“The mp3 audio made it entertaining to learn Spanish. The learning style was so much more effective and it’s much more fun to learn Spanish in the context of Latin girls and sex, great idea; Learning is quick and easy. When is the next course coming out? I’m heading to Argentina, hurry with your next release please.”

Andy, Fort Worth, Texas

“I used this course successfully with Latin dating services and it worked great!”

South of the border traveler, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Amazing! It gave me the confidence to start talking to girls and while my Spanish still needs work I’m meeting girls ”

Anonymous, New York City, New York

Download Now for

Only $19.99


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